carrot campaign '08

this thursday, we are doing something a little different in the second storie tent. along with the south wedge farmer's market, we will be launching the great carrot campaign of '08! what is this, you ask? well, read on...

spending each week at the market, we see first hand that it is so much more than a place to buy vegetables. it provides a gathering place for people from all over the community. a place to hear music, see friends and get to know your neighbors. what better way to thank the south wedge market than to lend a hand with their latest fundraiser!

we're making carrots (see the sneak peek photo below), and they are going to be so sweet you'll wish you could eat them! our plush carrots will be constructed (with your help...:) out of salvaged cloth and yarn and available for sale with the profits going directly to the south wedge farmer's market. hang them on your front door to let everyone know you're a fan of the market. we want to see the whole neighborhood with adorned doors! we'll be making a ton, so we'll need help! stop by our tent and we'll get you to work - we'll have a bushel of carrots to be stuffed, yarn to tie and buttons to be attached.

so this thursday, clear your schedule for the afternoon, pull up a chair and help us say thank you to the south wedge farmer's market!

see you there!

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shanna murray said...

and for those of you who may want to help, but can't make it this week we'll be making carrots next week as well!! hope to see you at the tent!