i ♥ handmade window is up!!!

the second storie crew is so grateful to marc at :nook for giving us such a great space to advertise and celebrate our latest event. thank you marc! we're so pleased with our little telephone pole. and we're more than pleased {in fact we're downright swoony} over marlene's original of our poster hanging from the line! a limited run of this beautiful illustration will be available for purchase at i ♥ handmade on february 1st, and then afterwards {if any are left} in our etsy shop

speaking of our etsy shop, do keep an eye out for our fabulous i ♥ handmade tees! they'll be listed some time in the next week or so.  these tees are in large part a fundraiser for second storie. we've got some great events planned for this year, but could use a little help making them happen!

the second storie crew will be screen printing our design on some super soft american apparel white tees {men's and women's} and adding an extra sweet touch to each one. we know you're going to love them...and how great would it be to see our supporters show up to the event wearing their tees? really great!!! we'll also be offering them for sale at spot coffee the night of the event.

we'll be posting our vendor list this weekend!!! as well as the musical wonderfulness we have lined up for the event! 

until then, be well friends!
the second storie crew

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